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Espresso Coffee: The Secret of Preparation

20 Oct 2014

The secret of preparing the best espresso coffee is in the taste that you want to achieve. Here are some suggestions that you need to master so you can get the best espresso that you want.

Sweet and aromatic

The sweet and aromatic coffee can be achieved by using the Central American coffees. The percentages of the coffee is very essential especially if you want a lighter espresso roast. For the light version, maintain a 25% roasted coffee.

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Body and sweetness

The Sulawesi and the premium Sumatra are the perfect choices for the coffee with body and sweetness. The percentage can be varied from 50% to 100% but at its standard you can find that it loses some brightness and the lighter version can become sharper with earthy or herbal qualities. Because of this, it is not advisable to add with other coffees.

Earthy and pungent

If you want to add some new set of taste on the table, try the dry-processed Ethiopian. It has a pungent scent especially when it has a darker roast while the lighter roast gives the fruity scent. It can produce a great creama. It goes well with other blends at 25%.

Spicy and pungent

If you want to take a different route in your regular coffee, try a Yemeni coffee. It has the wineyness and crema that makes it distinctive. However, if you are looking for the high end version, you can try other products that has the aromatic sandalwood.

Extreme bite

Robusta, Monsooned or Aged allows you to achieve the extreme bite flavor. People who tried it is divided because the taste is acceptable for some while the opposite to others. If you want your Robusta with less cream, check the caffeine present in the strong coffee.